• One occurrence of a HIPAA breach brings a fine averaging a couple thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If someone steals your backup drive, if your data is not encrypted, if someone sells profiles of your patients, you will have to report it when it happens. That means paying a fine per patient.
    • But even worse than the fines, your reputation, your brand, is ruined.
    • You’ll have to send a letter to every single patient. The violation will be published. Don’t risk it. Protect your patients and your brand. Feel secure.
    • We can’t guarantee nothing will ever happen. However, ICT can help you set up secure, encrypted data and assist in training your staff on how to use new computer systems.



  • Protect yourself. Protect yourself. Protect yourself.
  • First things first, there’s something you should know. ICT alone cannot make your office HIPAA compliant. It is ultimately your responsibility to establish policies and participate in relevant training courses. However, we can assist you in creating a HIPAA Technology-Compliant environment by training your staff and discussing additional measures you can take to prepare.
  • By entrusting us, the experts in Healthcare Technology, you can have peace of mind that the necessary steps are being taken. Alternatively, choosing to hire someone else poses a significant risk.
  • If patient information is not securely protected when a computer or laptop leaves the premises, it puts you at risk of a HIPAA violation. We prioritize ensuring security.
  • The potential consequences are not worth taking. Healthcare providers, like yourself, have faced substantial financial losses due to HIPAA violations. Reporting a breach to the government is an incredibly stressful situation. However, by demonstrating substantial efforts toward HIPAA compliance and actively protecting your network, you can significantly reduce the risk of facing excessive fines.


HIPAA Technology Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is a journey, not a destination. It requires policies, procedures, system changes and let’s not forget, plenty of training. More practices are being fined than ever before. Taking action is the key to maintaining data security. Ask ICT how they can help today on your journey to compliance.

See What These Dentists Say About HIPAA Compliance

“When it comes to patient sensitive data, I like to share my liability across the board, to show that I’ve hired an expert, a technician to manage my network and my security, so that if anything happens, I can at least show that I’ve made an effort to have somebody put the infrastructure in place for the security and the laws that are in place now.”

Dr. Armen Mirzayan, DDS

Any IT guy can come fix your laptop, right?
Until there’s patient information in it.

Mike MustacICT Co-Founder

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