ICT Partner: RevenueWell

RevenueWell is an advanced practice marketing and patient communications suite. It helps dentists increase their revenues, reduce their costs and provide better patient service—with no day-to-day management effort.

Why Should Doctors Use RevenueWell?

Great question. We asked them to break it down for you, and this is what they said.

“We help practices reduce their costs by automatically confirming every appointment and giving patients self-service tools. RevenueWell effortlessly engages and markets to your patients with automatic communications and email and direct mail campaigns. And we help you attract new patients by optimizing your online presence—so you can be found—and by systematically asking for referrals.”

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Contact RevenueWell

Kevin White
Territory Manager
[email protected]
phone: (760)410-8580

Michelle Gabrielson
Manager, Strategic Alliances
[email protected]
phone: (760)840-5342