ICT Partner: LifeStone Wealth Management

Tim McNeely is CEO of LifeStone Wealth Management, a dental-only wealth management firm that works with a limited number of entrepreneurs, that just happen to be dentists.

He explains the business and his inspiration best:

“Using a consultative wealth management approach, we help affluent dentists address their five biggest concerns:

  • Growing wealth
  • Tax mitigation
  • Taking care of their heirs
  • Ensuring their assets are not unjustly taken
  • Charitable gifting

Tim’s wife is a dentist—Dana Yeoman D.D.S.

“In the process of joining (our) lives together, (I) learned what the life of a dentist is like. Seeing my wife’s frustration with the complexity of running a dental practice, I set out to make things simple. Since meeting Dana, I’ve helped hundreds of busy dentists make informed decisions about their money so they can spend more time focusing on what they love to do.”

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