We Work for You

At ICT, We Work for Dentists. Not Vendors or Suppliers.

ICT Dental understands dentists. We come to you with 20 years of experience in dental technology and medical systems. We know that you need hardware and software that works, that fits into your office theme, and that is designed precisely for your practice’s needs.

We promise never to take commissions, referral fees or other compensation from any vendor, supplier or other business partner. That way, we can stand by our promise to provide the absolute best, unbiased information and recommendations to our clients, honestly and transparently.

What We Do

Recommend Dental Software

We help our clients select appropriate practice management, imaging, charting, progress notes and voice recognition software.

Design Medical Practice Hardware and Technology

We can help you select, design and set up computers, monitors, touch and point devices, printers, scanners, cameras, digital radiography, paperless solutions and everything related to dental computer technology.

Plan and Map It Out

We’ll then work with you to develop a plan to fit the new hardware seamlessly into your practice, including where to place hardware, and how to hide pesky wires.

If you have an office already up and running, we’ll make a video of the whole job before we do it so technicians see where the PCs are going, where monitors will be installed, the height of everything on the walls, and so on. That eases project management on our end and on your end. Sometimes dentists ask for a copy of the video. We’re happy to provide it.

If you’re opening a new practice or moving locations, we’ll instead create a floor plan with you and include a floor plan design review. We’ll map out every wall, every outlet, every bit of furniture, and show exactly where your hardware will be installed to fit the space.

Build and Test Custom Hardware and Technology

Once we’ve developed the plan, we set to work. We order all computer and related equipment and have it delivered to our facilities. There, we configure, load and test all of the components. When everything is working to our complete satisfaction, we deliver and install everything to your office, integrating new equipment with existing components and minimizing impact on the practice and patients.

Train Staff

We train our clients and their staff on how to use the new hardware. Should any problems or issues arrive, we’re here for you. Our help desk is open 10 hours a day, so we’re open when you need us.

Our Commitment to You

We want to be your best option for dental technology and service. As such, we make these promises to you.

Track Dental Technology Trends

Just as it does in the real world, technology in the dental industry changes. We spend a lot of time keeping up with the dental computer markets because we want to be a premier source of the best and most current hardware, services and information for you.

Beyond the world of hardware and software, we pay close attention to medical office requirements such as HIPAA, and align the work that we do with modern policies. You may have seen us at your last dental convention. We’re often there, to hear about current needs, to learn from your peers, and sometimes, to speak about how the right dental technology can help your practice grow, making it more efficient and patient-centric.


If we see a need, we try to find a solution. We’ve hand built custom computers and custom cable from scratch, and we’re constantly looking for that new way to help you improve.

Set Clear Expectations

We’re transparent about the work that we do, and the time that it takes to do it right. There’s nothing more frustrating than walking into a client’s office, and seeing a pile of old computers and unfinished promises left behind by someone else, while the dentist is left scratching his or her head and wondering what went wrong. We’ll repair any damage that was done and make sure we get you to where you need to be.

Our employees will tell you, everything we do is with your satisfaction in mind. We tell them from day one: “If the customer is happy, I am happy. If they’re unhappy, you have failed.”

We’ll be honest with you. Selecting and setting up the right technology won’t happen overnight; it takes time and resources. But by setting expectations from the start, it’s an investment in your future that you can feel good about.

See What Other Dentists Have to Say About Our Service

“One of the thing that ICT brought to the table is that they just work with dental. They know how the Schick system works. They know how the Eaglesoft system works, how CEREC works, and they were able to be an all-in-one solution, whereas a regular computer networking company wouldn’t know these intricacies.”

Dr. August de Oliveira, DDS

“I think if you want to deliver excellent work, you need to be technologically advanced and equipped… My reputation is on the line, so I want to be always a predictable office, always functioning and operating, like a Swiss watch.”

Dr. Younes Safa, DDS

“(Software allows the dentist to) share the experience with the patient. (Normally) if a patient goes to a doctor or dentist and is told they have a root canal, or needs cavities filled, there’s no connection to the treatment. Going digital allows the patient to better understand: ‘I can clearly see I need a root canal. There’s a huge abscess. There’s a huge cavity. That’s why it hurts.'”

Eric SotoICT Dental Co-Founder