• The ICT Team: Here to Help

Company History

Eric Soto and Michael Mustac are the owners of ICT Dental. They’ve been working in the dental community for more than 20 years.

What is ICT? ICT is the acronym for Infinite Computing Technologies. We integrate computer hardware and software into effective tools that enhance our clients’ practices, making them more efficient.

ICT began back in the early 2000s.

At the time, Michael was living and working in Midtown Manhattan New York. He was a computer technician with about a 50/50 even split between medical and non-medical clients. Eric was living and working in California, selling dental technology that would allow dentists to show their clients in real time what was going on with their teeth and gums. He sold the systems, but the dentists had to find a quality technician to install them. That wasn’t something his tech company offered, and he had a hard time finding people he could trust to send dentists referrals.

Michael landed at LAX. Eric picked him up, stuffed him full of In ‘n Out, and put him to work dreaming up a business plan.

Shortly after, Michael moved out to Southern California and established himself as a dental computer technician, installing the systems that Eric would sell for Patterson Dental.

A few years later, Eric saw how ICT was growing and realized the potential of what the company could do for the dental IT market. Eric and Michael decided it would be exciting to partner up, knowing that together they could create the best dental IT services company in Southern California.

These days, Eric and Michael are proud of what ICT has become and its continued growth. We are now expanding into the San Francisco bay area, and because of the great need of skilled HIPAA-centric IT companies, ICT has started to branch into new vertical health care markets, such as: plastic surgery, chiropractic, general physicians and pediatric care.