Relationship Management Dental Technology: A comparison of Yapi, Lighthouse 360, Weave and Solution Reach

Patient Communicators are invaluable technology for a busy medical or dental practice. Keeping your patients informed of upcoming appointments and collecting required paperwork means your business doesn’t suffer from lost chair time. What exactly do Patient Relationship management tools do?

  1. Reads from your Dental Practice Management System. Your software, whether it be Eaglesoft, PracticeWorks, Detrix, Dolphin, Softdent, Carestream or EasyDental, has integrations paths to the database.
  2. Send and Receive Emails, Text Messages and Forms to your clients. Technology automation means you can schedule appointment reminders, or birthday offers and even transmit forms for patient intake or updates. These technologies manage this exchange of information in your dental relationships.
  3. Possibly Writes to your Practice Management System, some of them do not!

Some Do Not

Not all of these Customer Relationships Management (CRM) software are fully integrated with all of these Practice Management Systems (PMS). The best solution is the one that matches your practice management system, not the one with the most features, biggest claims or best graphics.

For example, if you have Eaglesoft from Patterson, then Weave or SolutionReach would not be your first choice. These two CRM are not official vendors with the Patterson Technology Integrators. This creates a bottleneck in the automation process because all intake forms must be handled by the office staff. Weave runs a desktop application and SolutionReach uses web technology and both are visually stunning and feature rich. Many features, however, won’t work directly with Eaglesoft.

Another example, if you have Dentrix from Henry Schein, then Yapi and Lighthouse would not be your first choice.

Approved Providers


Yapi and Lighthouse 360 are tightly integrated with Eaglesoft and are on the list of approved vendors available on Patterson Dental website. Yapi is not an aesthetic software but it does do some amazing things. It does patient reminders and communication like the other CRM here but most importantly the form acquisition is saved directly into the Eaglesoft database, removing the possibility of human data entry error. Yapi is a long time and dependable integration.

Lighthouse is completely focused on the calendar scheduling and communications side and does not import form data. To handle forms there is a way to attach and send forms  It is well integrated, very clean and modern.

Yapi Lighthouse Weave SolutionReach
Patient Communicator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visual Candy No Yes Yes Yes
Reads from Eaglesoft Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reads from Dentrix Yes Yes Yes Yes
Writes to Eaglesoft Yes No No No
Writes to Dentrix Yes No No No
Document Management Integrated External External External
Price $299/month $250/month $299/month $199/month


Patient Communicators are available for Dental, Medical, and Veterinarians because they are effective at keeping the business side of patient care rolling. The right solution for you isn’t a one size fits all but asking the right questions will help you find the right one. The best customer relationship technology is the one that best integrates with your practice management system.

References – Patterson Authorized Providers  – Dentrix Connected Providers

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