ICT is California’s premiere dental and medical technology design and service company. When it comes time to upgrade your technology or open a practice, Joe Schmoe from down the street just doesn’t cut it. If you’ve got patient health information, it’s your responsibility to handle it right.

“Any IT guy can come fix your laptop, right?

Until there’s patient information on it.

Then Joe IT Guy can’t touch it.

Literally, cannot touch it by law.”

—Michael Mustac, ICT Co-Founder

Don’t leave patient medical information to chance, or put yourself at risk of hefty fines.

Protect yourself. Protect your patients.

Choose the dental experts.

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Don’t Take it From Us. See What Your Colleagues Have to Say.

“They know dental. ICT was able to be an all-in-one solution where another IT company wouldn’t be able to handle the intricacies (of a dental practice). If I had never met the team at ICT, I’m sure that I would still be very frustrated trying to do it all myself.

I know that I can call the staff anytime and they will be here for me. Go with ICT. They know their stuff. They know the technology. You really don’t have to waste time shopping around.”

Dr. August de Oliveira, DDShttps://augustdeoliveiradds.com

“ICT has been very ethical and gave me the best advice for my practice right away. I didn’t waste any money buying equipment I didn’t need before I needed it, and when I did, the whole office was already wired to support the new hardware so I didn’t waste any time.”

Dr. Younes Safa, DDShttp://www.pasadenaendodontix.com/meet-us/younes-safa-dds/

“You go to the right people at the right time and get it taken care of. It will definitely cost you less in the long run.”

Dr. Armen Mirzayan, DDShttp://www.estheticdentistry.net

“You can’t go wrong with ICT.

If you’re looking for a company that you can rely on, a team that you can rely on, and you don’t want to worry about things, they’re your people. But if you’re looking for the cheapest, somebody that can just get the job done, then that’s not them.

But if you want excellence, it’s ICT.”

Dr. Brian Toorani, DDShttp://dentaloasisofoc.com

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